Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wingnuts finally understand why we want Neutie as their nominee

Politico (yeah, yeah, button it). With video.

It’s as if the conservative media over the past 24 hours decided Gingrich is for real, and they need to come clean about the man they really know before it’s too late. This is just a sampling of what’s hitting Newt:

Shorter: simply delicious!

A top conservative media figure said the flood of attacks reflects a “Holy crap, it could happen” moment in the movement, as Republican leaders began to realize after Gingrich’s South Carolina victory that he could become the nominee, the global face and voice of their party and theology.

“It could happen, and it would be a disaster,” said the conservative, who spoke on condition of anonymity to protect private conversations. “All of us who were around and saw how he operated as speaker — there’s no one who’s not appalled by the prospect of what could happen. He thinks he embodies conservatism and if he wakes up one day and has a grandiose thought, he is going to expect all of us to fall in line behind him.

“There’s just so much risk on so many levels,” the official continued. “Everyone’s thinking, ‘It could really happen.’ He could win the presidency if there’s a way to win with 45 percent — a second recession or a third-party candidate. The immediate worry is him winning the nomination and losing the election, tanking candidates down-ballot. In a worst-case scenario, you could see unified Democratic governance, and we’d be back where we were in ’09 and ’10. It’s insane.”

Ah, Dungbeetle, what you call "insane" we call "a chance for survival".

Don't worry about it, Repugs. You get Neutie, you lose. We know that and you know that.

You're going to get Willard. You still lose. Deep down, you know that too. So what's the big deal?



But a startling new poll underscores what has got to be a maddening possibility for Republicans: It could all be for naught – and there may be nothing they can do about it. The NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey points to a measurable uptick in optimism about the country’s economic direction, and in the public’s assessment of President Obama’s performance.

See? Things are going in the, er, right direction.


Fixer said...

Yeah, I still think they'll get Willard too. Too many of the establishment types know too much about Neut. Nancy Pelosi doesn't have to say a word.

Gordon said...

I'd like ta get a coupla drinks into ol' Nancy and get her to start talking. Heh,