Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Awww ...

No "navy on wheels":

CODY, Wyoming (Reuters) – In a sign of rising consumer confidence prevailing over go-it-alone pessimism in the Cowboy State, Wyoming lawmakers on Tuesday narrowly defeated a “doomsday bill” to help the state prepare for a total collapse of the U.S. government and economy.

The bill, rejected on a 30-27 vote by the state House of Representatives, would have allocated $16,000 for a panel of legislators and emergency managers to study various measures, including a new state-issued currency, for handling a range of apocalyptic scenarios.


I was sorta hoping they would come up with some serious crazy once the bill was passed, and I certainly couldn't wait to see how they would flood half the state so they could build a navy.

Dear Wyoming,

You already have a security force in case of disaster. It's called the National Guard, you twats.




DBK said...

Thy have more than that. They have the citizens of the state of Wyoming. You know, all these morons want to run around and shout about individual freedom and the failure of government and so on, and they scream about states' rights as if state governments are somehow more efficient than the federal government, even though it isn't. But when something happens, or they think something might happen, they run right back to Big Government plans. What else is this disaster plan except another plan for a Big Government program that will remove our freedoms and run roughshod over us at the first excuse.

Gordon said...

It's hard to take those ying-yangs seriously. It's all cable TV's fault. Too much F**Noise and Doomsday Preppers. Sure is fun ta watch though!