Friday, March 2, 2012

No outdoorsman is Neut

Gingrich: You can’t put a dead deer on a Volt

Sure you can. He was wrong about the gun rack as well but you don't have to shoot them. He hasn't driven in my neck of the woods. The Volt has a passenger seat, doesn't it? Around here, the deer come in through the windshield.

That's more of a problem with low-slung passenger cars than it is with the pickups the hunters drive. Some of our hunters put their deer tags on the front bumper, get a six-pack and hit the road. Their chances of success are very good.


Fixer said...

I wonder if you could put a dead Newt on a Volt?

Gordon said...

Sure, on a roof rack but why would you want to? He's no trophy and who'd want to eat him? Yuck.

Maybe you could tow him behind like the pooch in Nat'l Lampoon's Vacation - cop holds up a ground-away leash, says, "little feller probly kept up good the first mile or so...". Heh.