Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daytona Update

Rain delay. With the last minute addition of some frothy mixture it's gonna be a slippery track.

Here's the 26 Ford Fusion driven by Tony Raines:

Article here.

Mr. Raines got the sponsorship at the last minute and qualified 41st in a field of 42. Santorum has about the same chance of being President as Mr. Raines does of winning the Daytona 500. I hope the 42nd car is sponsored by Ron Paul or Neutie. Heh.

A win for the Santorum car – or even a good run – would out-do his Republican rival Mitt Romney, who is expected to attend the race but likely won't be part of the pre-race ceremonies.

Rumor (ahem) has it that Willard pulled out of a Daytona 500 sponsorship at the last minute when he accidentally discovered the car was a Toyota.

Update Update:

I couldn't resist posting this most excellent photo. I think Willard's brain-dead in terms of situational awareness. The photog or interviewer who walked him into that shot is an evil genius. I hope he's on our side. Heh.


montag said...

Given Santorum's view of the bailout, he should be sponsoring a Toyota. That being said, I hope it doesn't crash, NASCAR doesn't have any experience cleaning up Santorum if it spreads on the track.

Gordon said...

It'd be cool if it won and they caught it cheating at the post-race inspection.

Or if it's ground zero of a 42-car pileup.

Bustednuckles said...

Missed the whole thing.
The wife was recording it while I was out personally kicking the shit out of a certain Chevy in my personal posession.
Dad called me to tell me about the rain out.
I start Swing tomorrow, I might catch some of the Restart.