Friday, March 2, 2012

Rushbo is a little confused

From The Rude Pundit because it was the first print I ran across on the intellectual head of the Repuglican't party spouting off once again on something he knows nothing about:

Why go before a congressional committee and demand that all of us -- because they want to have sex any time, as many times and as often as they want, with as many partners as they want -- should pay for it?"

Well, of course we're not paying for it. Their health insurance is, but here's my point:

Rush, contraception for women is different for them than it is for you. They don't need to take a pill for every sexual encounter in the same manner as you taking one Viagra and using one condom per act with your Dominican rent-boy.

I can see that's more expensive for you seeing as how you have to have your size XXS condoms custom-made. Or do you get the Repug House & Senate discount?

But think of the savings on Viagra, only needing a quarter of a pill each time lest a whole one blow your little miniaturized pecker to smithereens!


montag said...

Rush has those little cuties in the DR to keep him from using too much viagra.So sad how they lose effect when they hit 17-18.

Gordon said...

The old saying is "if they'e eight, it's too late". Notice how I did not specify a gender. :-)

galileo126 said...

Apparently, Rush doesn't understand the differences in human body parts.

This is gonna be soooo good for the Left, politically.

The louder they scream, the more we see them flail. It won't be the end of the freaky Right, but it will be the end for a while.

my 2 cents,