Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Backwards to the Future!

Borowitz via Seniors For A Democratic Society

North Carolina Weighs Ban on Electricity, Soap

Cal Pinckton, a leading proponent of Amendment One who has helped craft the new law, says the principles behind it are simple: “If the Bible doesn’t mention something, it’s against the law, and the Bible makes no mention of either soap or electricity.”

He adds that North Carolina will “still have plenty of stuff that the Bible does mention, like boils and locusts.”

But Mr. Pinckton is careful to emphasize that under the proposed law, there would be certain situations in which the use of electricity would be permitted: “You could still use electricity for things that are explicitly mandated by the Bible, like transvaginal ultrasounds.”

Why doesn't this surprise me?


montag said...

And they would they allow it in prisons to keep Old Sparky working, not to mention the fences.

wkmaier said...


Anonymous said...

Well, incest is in the Bible, so I guess that'd be cool, too. Oh....I forgot...we are talking about North Carolina, after all.

Well, THAT explains a lot...