Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Canada Speaks

This is such a good comment on yesterday's post about idiot teatards fleeing northward that I just had to make sure you saw it:

Brian said...

Actually, during the Bush II years a few Democrats did move up here, at least in my area (I'm posting from the Left Coast of Canada). They brought a lot of money with them, contributing to the continuing gentrification of the area.

You can keep your Tea Party toads; along with everything else they aren't particularly wealthy themselves and, given their average age and chronic health problems, will end up as value-minus economic immigrants.

The article is right though, in pointing out that our current Prime Minister is our version of Dubya. We may have no army to speak of, but his government is doing its best to cleave even closer to Israel than yours. It's a curious time, indeed.

Curiouser and curiouser. Thank you, Brian. Personally, I think they should go somewhere where their fever dreams of ineffectual government and lotsa guns can be fulfilled.

Somalia would work.

In the meantime, Canada, keep the goodies flowing southward - BC Bud and "Corner Gas". Heh.


Karlo said...

I'll join you all up in Canada the second I find a job up there. The Tea Party mentality (under its various guises) is a plague across this land.

Brian said...

Heh, thanks Gordon, glad you liked the comment!

I've found not everyone likes Corner Gas. I think if you grew up in the Prairies you can really identify with it, otherwise perhaps not.

What did you think of Red Green?

Gordon said...

I watched Red Green a few times. Don't remember much about it.

I watched the entire 1st season of Corner Gas on DVD and can't wait to see the rest. I thought it was hilarious! I think your Midwest is a lot funnier than ours. Heh.

Gordon said...

BTW, Brian, you might not have much of an army, but I am very impressed with your navy from personal experience. I was on liberty in San Diego with a fellow Marine who was a Canadian. We got to talking to a little Canadian sailor, looked like a fireplug with ears, drunker'n a skunk, neckerchief askew, mighta had his trousers on backwards. Heh. We were in civvies and he asked us what branch we were in. When we said Marines, his reply, with a big grin, was, "Good branch! Wanna fight?" I'll never forget that.

Brian said...

Heh heh, good story Gordon!

I'm ex-Army myself - we few, we happy few, and so forth.

My dad was in the Canadian Navy in the 50s, at the tag end of the Korean War - gunnery radar in destroyers. He told me a story once about how he was on shore leave in Hong Kong, sitting at a table with his shipmates. An American at the bar saw they were Canadians and was getting very obnoxious about it, yelling crap about how we were colonials and a Queen told us what to do, etc..

Instead of simply beating him up, the guys started buying him drinks to the point where he passed out. They took him to a tattoo parlour and had the artist do a big Union Jack and "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN" across his chest while he was unconscious, and left him there.

Don't know if it's really true but it makes a good story anyhow.

Gordon said...

Excellent story! Sneaky (and subtle) Canucks! Heh.