Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is a new "embed whole story" feature from Raw Story. Might be a little unwieldy but I thought I'd try it.

Re:" does calculate the estimated aggregated effects on marijuana smuggled in from Mexico, finding that American weed would become cheaper and more available than ever before."

Now yer talkin'!

No word on the effect on the Canadian cartels, but I suspect they will deliver the BC Bud as politely as before. :-)

Study says voters in three states could approve billion-dollar ‘shock’ to Mexican cartels (via Raw Story )

If Washington, Colorado or Oregon legalize marijuana in next week’s statewide elections, the result won’t just be felt in those states: according to a study published this week, American voters appear set to back a massive “structural shock” to the Mexican drug cartels that could sap literally…


montag said...

It also takes $Billions from the DEA and related agencies coffers and that can't be allowed.

merlallen said...

Here in WA we don't smoke crap Mexican weed, so how could that impact Mexican weed sales?

Gordon said...

That's a good question. Someone, somewhere must smoke that stuff.

I think of all the $Billion$ not spent on DEA and prisons as "savings".