Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Message from The Greatest Generation

This one's a twofer - Liquid Alert! AND NSFW!

Thanks to karinmoveon.

The oldsters' point is well taken - Obama has to win by enough votes the Repugs can't possibly steal the election without being so blatant someone's liable to notice, and they are trying to by every crook, hook, lie, shenanigan, and crime they can think up. Just like 2008, only way worse. I always kinda wondered how many votes Obama really got.


Phil said...

Heh, had to send that to my old man and his geezer friends.

Anonymous said...

Way off topic...

"Sarge" used to comment fairly regularly but I've not seen anything from him in a long time. So, Sarge, if you're there, give us a shout.

Is Fixer still giving serious thought to living in Germany?

Please post some pictures of your Springer Spaniels.


Jay in N.C.