Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Funnies

10 Big Surprises in Store For Tea Partiers Fleeing to Canada if Obama Wins

At least their Prime Minister will be white.

If there's one thing that screams 'patriotism' and love of country, it's fleeing the United States when a Democrat wins an election.

Here are but a few examples of the hundreds, if not thousands of Tea Party types who totally swear they're moving to Canada if the Kenyan usurper and his Zombie ACORN thugs win this thing.
A lot of lefties threatened to leave the U.S. if Dim Son got a second term but I don't think many did. At least lefties are a good fit up there in The Great White Socialist North. Musta been the "White" part that got the Teatards thinking about it. Heh.

I have no trouble at all believing that the Teatards are ignorant enough about Canuckistan to actually consider moving there.

As well, I have no trouble thinking they'll enjoy the civilized advantages of Canadian socialism without ever realizing what's going on.

Note: Beware the poutine!


montag said...

Beware the poutine, hardly. Teabaggers should be encouraged to mangez le poutine and let us not forget the doughnuts. They got great doughnuts up north.

Phil said...

Wait until they discover Canada doesn't have a second amendment.

Anonymous said...

I think the Tea Partiers should be required to have their bug-out bags packed and passports in pockets. Escort them to the nearest airport with outbound planes and tell 'em they can't come back.

Cause damn, without them helping their plutocratic masters sink teeth into America's financial jugular, we might have a chance.

Gordon said...

Ah, oui! Mangez le poutine a mort! Le heh!

How could I have forgotten about the Canadian lack of all the guns you want? They'll have to learn to defend themselves against their imaginary foes with knives like real Canucks. Oh wait, they'd have to get too close to their fantasies to do that.

Canada will never forgive us. :-)

Brian said...

Actually, during the Bush II years a few Democrats did move up here, at least in my area (I'm posting from the Left Coast of Canada). They brought a lot of money with them, contributing to the continuing gentrification of the area.

You can keep your Tea Party toads; along with everything else they aren't particularly wealthy themselves and, given their average age and chronic health problems, will end up as value-minus economic immigrants.

The article is right though, in pointing out that our current Prime Minister is our version of Dubya. We may have no army to speak of, but his government is doing its best to cleave even closer to Israel than yours. It's a curious time, indeed.

Gordon said...

Thank you, Brian. BTW, Canada has given us a little-known (to us) gift - "Corner Gas". Heh.