Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Romney collects supplies in Ohio for storm victims

NBC News

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney collected relief supplies in Ohio on Tuesday in an attempt to strike the right tone after superstorm Sandy.

He spoke while standing in front of a bank of tables where campaign volunteers had neatly lined up toothpaste, diapers, canned food and fleece blankets, among other goods. A spokesman later confirmed that Romney's campaign had purchased some of the supplies. Though it was billed as a "storm relief event," the candidate's trademark campaign video was broadcast on large screens set up for the supporters who gathered inside the arena before Romney arrived.

"I will devote every waking hour of my energy to getting America strong again. That's what an American president has to do," Romney says in the video.
Don't worry about what a President has to do, Willard. It's never going to be a problem for you. Let Obama worry about that. Secaucus Fats says he's doing fine. (And so begins the '16 presidential campaign. But I digress...heh.)

After he spoke, he stood behind a table full of relief supplies and shook hands with attendees one at a time, taking bags full of relief supplies from many of them. Romney later loaded more relief supplies into a waiting truck as a handful of reporters watched. He loaded bottled water, boxes of diapers and pallets of canned food into the truck, and was joined by Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.
Jesus fucking Christ, Willard. Relief supplies? What, you think New Jersey, Delaware, etc. are fucking Ethiopia?! They've got everything they need right there just like anywhere in the United States. They've got bottled water, plenty of food and things to cook it on, blankets, shelters, etc. They've got WalMarts with the doors blown off that will be empty by nightfall. Americans are resourceful people.

They've also got downed trees and power poles, litter and wreckage all over the place, first, second, and third responders trying to get to places to help folks, all kinds of repair trucks, fire trucks, po-leece cars, National Guard and FEMA vehicles etc. 'til hell won't have 'em, and you're gonna further clog the roads with trucks and your goddam campaign bus to deliver unnecessary cans of pork and beans to make a show of compassion?

Willard, just send money. It transfers easily via modern devices (No pallets of cash needed. This isn't Iraq.) and the Red Cross and other outfits can make better use of it via local sources than you can, and they're not even running for office.

Perhaps you should send a big flock of Mormon missionaries to these devastated areas. The storm-affected folks need shoes and will have their sturdy Mormon missionary shoes off them in a New Jersey minute and wave a thankful good-bye to the barefoot young Mormons. Heh.


montag said...

Mormon missionaries might be useful. They are usually young, healthy hard working types. Not too bright and a bit twisted in the religious department but until the power is back, you can burn their pamphlets and bibles for cooking and heat.

Gordon said...

Good point. Toilet paper too.

Anonymous said...

That all was just a B.S. photo op so Rmoney could show he's "concerned" and "feels ordinary people's pain." It's as phony as Ryan's photo op in the soup kitchen. They only care about making the gesture for public consumption, rather than actually dong something useful.