Monday, October 29, 2012

Right will rage if Obama wins

Gee, ya think? A 'recommended read' by Daddy Frank in Salon.

If Obama wins, Frank Rich says the GOP's fury will intensify, and the party will only get more extreme

So what happens if Obama beats Mitt Romney and the Republicans again, this time after the likes of McConnell made denying him a second term their main legislative mission over the last four years? The earnest-minded might hope that Republicans view Obama’s re-election as a message to cooperate and a sign that their obstruction failed. The sober-minded might look at the number of ridiculous white men determined to make rape victims carry their attacker’s baby and a primary campaign filled with evolution opponents and assume common sense and basic decency, or at least post-Renaissance thinking, might return on social and cultural issues.

But Frank Rich says none of that will happen. The only lesson that will be learned, the New York magazine columnist says, is to head further right. And Rich argues that’s because there simply aren’t any other voices left. The moderate Northeast wing of the party was purged long ago. The primary defeats of conservatives like Bob Bennett in Utah and Richard Lugar in Indiana taught establishment figures that any compromise has its costs. Even a moderate-conservative wing, Rich suggests, would have no leaders, let alone followers, in the national party.
They could have won with Jon Huntsman, but he wasn't batcrap crazy enough the way the Repugs are going. Secaucus Fats could have won, but he and the other relatively sane possible Repug candidates saw which way the wind was blowing early on and wisely sat this one out.

Willard is simply the Wall St. candidate. The Repugs knew - and I mean knew - he was going to be their nominee from the gate and also that he was going to lose. At least he'll be out of politics after this.

Fuck 'em all. I'm going to enjoy watching their heads explode. And if it means the end of an electable Repug party for a few years, I'm down wid dat too.


montag said...

If the RWNJ's lose it, PBO will have a good reason to make them regret not closing Guantanamo. And no real reason to restrain himself since he now knows who his real friends are.

Gordon said...

I could fill Gitmo to bursting in an hour.