Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Blow or Dough?

Patt Morrison at HuffPo:

Now that the FCC has ruled that every blog has to have the "Paris Percentage" -- some quotient alluding to Paris Hilton -- let's get that part over with, shall we?

Ms Hilton's great-grandfather, hotelier Conrad Hilton, famously ended his public appearances by asking, "And please remember to put the shower curtain inside the tub."

We now return to our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.

I'm thinking that there are many ways to sort Democrats from Republicans, but when it comes to scandals, I like this helpful little rule of thumb:

All scandals are about power. But I think Democrats especially covet Republicans' money, and Republicans have the hots for Democrats' sex lives. And there's the tripwire.

It isn't a law of physics ; there are loads of exceptions to the red-or-blue blow-or-dough rule [Wilbur Mills, for starters]. But the next time the word "scandal" hits the headlines, check whether the word "money" or "sex" is there, and then try to predict whether the subject has an R or a D after his name. You can't take it to Vegas, but maybe you can make book on it -- a little black book -- in the Beltway.

Heh. I think the D.C. Madam's 'little black book' runs to 47 pounds!

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