Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Chris Matthews To War Supporter: You Got A Problem With Democracy?

Lardass stood on his hind legs like a man for a minute. Noteworthy.

The Horse's Mouth, with video:

Chris Matthews' guest, a pro-war vet, pumps his host's head up with winger talking points until it finally explodes:


In response to the inevitable "Congress is micromanaging the troops against the wishes of the Commanders" argument, Matthews says:

"...Democracy -- that means politicians run countries. You got a problem with that?"

Yeah, something like that. Geez, Matthews really was ticked -- but of course, it can get pretty exasperating just how often the basics need to be restated.

The 'basics' involve the difference between 'strategy' and 'tactics', and 'civilian control of the military'.

My own sentiment is expressed by the very first commenter:

Good. Now let's see if he can repeat that more often ... 'cause I have my doubts.

No shit.

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