Sunday, May 6, 2007

"...a circular firing squad of the war’s enablers"

Daddy Frank climbs CondiLIEzza's frame over her reluctance to answer questions about why Bush started his Criminal War, and takes others to task as well:

This would be a Three Stooges routine were there only three stooges.

A good read, but one of Pottersville's commenters, from Oz no less, nails it:

I'm looking forward to the day when the REAL reasons for the conquest of the Babylon Oil Colony are admitted. I.E. "We did it to get an American military base right smack in the middle of the oil pool. Not just to control Iraq's oil for ourselves, but so we have tanks close enough to roll into Saudi Arabia if someone deposes the monarchs. Or if they decide to deal with China and cut us off. Ditto for Iran. And we want to be able to squash anyone who thinks about messing with our buddies in Israel. We did it to show that we're the big dogs on the planet and we will kill anyone who gets in our way."

That's the real reason for the invasion. Pure Machiavellian geopolitics. No one will admit it until after the game is lost, though. Then it will be "See why we did that great attack? We could have been in such a great position. But YOU DEMOCRATS made us get out, and that's why we have no gasoline at the pumps. This economic disaster is YOUR FAULT."

I doubt the Repugs would ever admit that as their reason for this stupid war, but I have no doubt at all who they will blame for their preordained failure.

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