Thursday, May 10, 2007

See yas ...

Don't let the door hit ya in the ass, Tony. Blair stayed around far longer than I thought he would, about 2 years longer. Just goes to show, the Brits are almost as fucked up as we are (granted, their profile in the Iraq mess is smaller than ours).

I can say, cynical as I am about politicians, that Tony Blair was a big disappointment. After seeing how he worked so well with Clinton, I thought he might have had a moderating effect on the Chimp back in '02, when he was rattling the sabre for war with Iraq. At least, he might have not held hands with our moron whilst Bush and the Neocons marched gleefully into Hell. I really didn't figure the Brits would go with us, talk about misplaced hope.

Oh well, Tony, you marched right along with them. You had a responsibility as the 'level-headed big brother', to our people who share a closer bond with you than with any other and to the world, for your history is a thesis on the rise and fall of Empire and you should have learned from the experience. If you would have marginalized Bush early on, maybe so many would not be suffering now.

Please fade into obscurity.

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