Sunday, May 29, 2005


We talked about whom we should remember this Memorial Day. Gillard speaks to some we should forget.

[. . .]

Recently, there have been calls for supporters of our folly in Iraq to enlist. Their usual reaction is to act as if we were expecting a heart-lung donation. Cries of "why didn't you enlist to support Kosovo" and other pathetic nonsense usually follows to justify their rank cowardice.

The sad part is that these people understand the military about as much as they understand cricket. They read some hack like Max Boot or some minor historian like Victor Davis Hanson and take them seriously. They like the war porn, but can't go beyond that.

[. . .]

I'd love to get these assholes on a C-130, each with a 'chute. I'd kick 'em all out over Baghdad and Fallujah. Give 'em something to 'warblog' about.

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