Monday, May 30, 2005

More lies and treachery

From the beautiful Francesca:

[. . .]

How many freaking smoking guns do we need for people to understand that this war was not a war of necessity, but one that the Blair and Bush administrations actively pursued? Phony evidence, really bad intelligence, and now we even tried to bully Iraq into freaking defending itself so we would have an excuse to invade.

This is all more evidence of the existence of the 'Why Does A Dog Lick His Balls?'[*] School of International Relations and Diplomacy.

[. . .]

It'd be nice if the media put as much work into finding out exactly what kind of scam Bush and Blair pulled on the Yanks and Brits that they put into finding about that dreaded Oval Office BJ.

*Answer: Because he can.

Update: 07:10:

Dave Johnson says:

. . . I honor the sacrifice of our men and women in the Armed Forces. And freeing the people of Iraq is a noble cause, though I sure wish America had had the option of approving it or not on those terms. . . .

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