Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Via Skippy:

US troops outraged Iraq's new government yesterday by arresting one of the country's foremost Sunni leaders only to release him later and call the whole episode a mistake.

- The Telegraph

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Ya know, shit like this doesn't need to happen. I mean, we've been there for two years. We should know who is who by now. One of our objectives (so the White House says) is 'winning hearts and minds'. Hel-lo, McFly, this ain't the way to do it.

River has her own ideas:

. . . The Americans are saying Muhsin was "detained and interviewed", which makes one think his car was gently pulled over and he was asked a few questions. What actually happened was that his house was raided early morning, doors broken down, windows shattered and he and his three sons had bags placed over their heads and were dragged away . . .

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Was it meant to send a message to Sunnis? That's what some people are saying. Many people believe it was meant to tell Sunnis, "None of you are safe- even the ones who work with us." It's just difficult to believe this is one big misunderstanding or mistake.

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I wouldn't put it past Chimpy Inc. to do it.

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