Monday, May 30, 2005

Gord asks

In comments here:

I know absolutely nothing about the EU situation. Keep 'em coming, maybe I'll learn something.

He gets. From AMERICAblog:

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Ultimately the problem with this constitution is that it has been trying to be all things to all people so every country reads into it what they want to read into it and perhaps everybody is right and everybody is wrong. Even many of the "non" voters believe in Europe (there's really no alternative) but there's a strong undercurrent of resentment about the Euro-ruling class jamming decisions through without consultation to the voters.

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So where now? Beyond a government shuffle, who knows? The EU is the only choice moving forward but it's hard to say where this will al go. Somewhere in the 40,000 word document is a pile of mushy-worded nothingness that gives some wiggle room for possible changes and of course there's always the possibility of another vote on the constitution. It's going to happen but it will be later rather than sooner. With the Dutch prepared to vote "no" as well on Wednesday changes will have to come. [my emphasis]

Update: 13:35:

More on this from Freiheit und Wissen.

. . . The France "no" vote signals that the "Americanization" of Europe is unacceptable . . .

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