Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Can be heard! The Sister emailed me this link during the night (video file). CNN's Inside the Blogs picked up on the yesterday's Blogswarm. They didn't go deep enough for my liking, but the Big Brass Alliance got noticed. An excellent start. Good on ya, Sister and good on our contemporaries who've joined the alliance.

Note: It would have been nice if some of the big fish in Left Blogstonia (© Rook) would have signed on to this or at least given it a nod. Do you hear me Atrios? Don't tell me you don't read the Sister. Or is this beneath you at this point? You and your fill-ins wasted enough time on Deep Throat; couldn't spare a line or two for the here and now, could ya? Must be nice becoming one of the 'Liberal Elite'. There are others, but I might as well give the finger to the top guy. Trickle down and all. [Drops pants and moons] KMA, pal. And another thing, if I want a travelogue of Spain, I'll tune in to Rick Steves. Get over yourselves.

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