Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Et tu, Italy?

Francesca finds the Italian people want to know about the Downing Street memo too:

Italian activists are also starting to press Berlusconi and his administration on the issue of the Downing Street Memo, something that is getting almost zero media attention in Italy (surprise, surprise). The letter linked asks to what extent Berlusconi knew of the intentions of Bush and Blair back in 2002 in terms of invading Iraq. Was Berlusconi aware that Saddam was less of a threat than Libya, N. Korea, or Iran?

[. . .]

People are beginning to see through the load of bullshit that's been shoveled for the last 5 years. Like the profound RJ Eskow says:

. . . I hate cliches, especially this one, but let's hope this is a 'tipping point.' Help us push it until it tips . . .

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