Monday, May 30, 2005

What to believe?

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In their biggest coup of "Operation Lightning," Iraqi and U.S. soldiers arrested a former general in Saddam Hussein's intelligence service who was also a member of his Fedayeen secret police during a raid in western Baghdad, the scene of some of Sunday's heaviest fighting.

"He now leads the military wings of several terror cells operating in the west Baghdad neighborhood of Ghazaliyah," the military said in its announcement about the former general. It did not release his name or provide further details.

[. . .]

Is this like every other 'terrorist leader' we capture? Are we ever gonna know who this guy is, or will it fall by the wayside as with most of these 'major arrests'? Are they even gonna bother releasing a name or is this just propaganda? I personally don't care at this point because the situation in Iraq is seldom how the government calls it.

The thing is we've reached a point, after being inundated with bullshit (Fox News, fake government-produced news pieces, government-controlled Jesus freaks) for the last five years, nothing is believable anymore. Think about it, ladies and germs. This is America, but the White House propaganda machine reeks of Goebbels' Germany. I mean, if we captured all these 'leaders' we say we have, there should only be about 5 terrorists left to catch. Right?

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