Monday, June 4, 2007

Cold Cash Coldcocks Congressman

Think Progress

Federal prosecutors are seeking an indictment today against Rep. William J. Jefferson (D-La.) in a longstanding FBI corruption probe centering on allegations that he took bribes to promote high-tech business ventures in Africa, sources familiar with the investigation said.

If filed, the indictment would cap a long and tumultuous investigation that was stalled for months because of a legal battle over the constitutionality of an FBI raid on Jefferson's office last May. The raid came after the FBI found $90,000 in the freezer of his Capitol Hill home.

I can think of better places to keep my 'dirty money' than in my freezer! I find a gutted car battery works well, kept under some old tires in the back of the garage.

But seriously, folks, corruption wherever found needs to be dealt with. This is one area where the Repugs are way ahead of us, I'm happy to say.

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