Friday, June 8, 2007

The Shawskank Un-redemption

I was just eatin' lunch in front of the TV and saw that Paris Hilton is gettin' locked back up. No cites or links, but who needs 'em? Wanta see it? Turn on yer set and jump back! It's all over everywhere. Yeesh.

I have no doubt that L.A. Sheriff Baca 'reassigned' her to her horrid, squalid little house to get her out of his hair. She must have been a royal pain in the ass, and I'm sure the 24/7 "all Paris, all the time" coverage didn't help. The paparazzi, the media satellite trucks, adoring fans protesting the 'injustice', etc. all must have added up.

There's always the possibility that he didn't want the L.A. county jail system coming under very much scrutiny as well.

One of the CNN gals (do they have names?), obviously a regular reader of the Brain, damn near quoted Fixer's post, saying that Miss Hilton is a "metaphor for what's happening in the country today". She also said that the Sheriff mis-underestimated the depth of feeling against special treatment for rich, skinny, immoral, spoiled, and arrogant little white girls who flout the law.

Since this is goin' down on Friday afternoon, Miss Hilton's phalanx of attorneys can't file any papers or spring her again 'til Monday, so she'll at least get to spend the weekend in jail.

Note to Paris: Just STFU (fer sure she'll be shuttin' her fucker fer a few days! Heh.) and do yer time like everybody else. It won't kill you and it might help you get over your "malignant narcissism" (the CNN lady again).

There's entirely too much media time and energy being spent on this unimportant little soap opera. As long as the public is more interested in bread and circuses than matters of real importance, like the Repugs doing their best to flush this country down the shitter for their own gain, I'm afraid it will continue.

Stay tuned. I'm afraid there'll be updates.

Update No. 1:

She's at the Twin Towers, the main jail, and the one you don't want to go to. I'm sure they'll send her someplace else.

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