Monday, June 4, 2007

Religion and Morality

Most regulars know I have little use for religion. I just can't believe the god the Christians (I use the term to describe all derivatives of Catholicism) claim to worship would allow such a buncha hypocrites to speak in His name. Barbara O'Brien (via Roger Ailes the Good) has an excellent post up on just this subject:


In fact, it seems to me that “morality” imposed by religion is often brittle. How often do we hear about religious leaders committing the very sins they rail against? What’s amazing about Ted Haggart’s story is not how unusual it is, but how typical it is. Show me a holy roller who rails against the sins of the flesh, and I’ll show you someone who’s been making unauthorized use of his own body parts. You can almost count on it. The same church that crusades against abortion tries to sweep the molestation of choirboys under the rug. The same ministers who warn against worldliness get mixed up in partisan politics. The Ten Commandments forbid graven images, and the faithful make a graven image of the Ten Commandments. It’s as if there’s a near-total disconnect between what the religious say and what the religious do.

And these examples are not exceptions. Albert Schweitzer was an exception. St Francis of Assisi was an exception. Jim and Tammy Faye are, alas, the rule.


Don't anyone preach morality to me. Not when you have a Bible in one hand and support the Iraq Occupation and the denial of civil rights with the other.

Had to drop the Mrs. at the airport and I'm late for work. See yas later ...

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