Friday, June 8, 2007

Native Americans Seek Changes to Immigration Bill

Don Davis outdoes himself. Go see!

Flexing their new-found political muscle, Native Americans - the only "true" Americans - have now weighed in on the McCain-Kennedy immigration bill, lobbying Congress to provide for the immediate deportation of all Mayflower descendants.

Speaking for the National Council of American Indians, Chief "Running Tab at Foxwoods" asserted that the Mayflower settlers "not only entered this country illegally, without visas or work permits, but behaved very badly – spreading disease, raping our women, despoiling the land, and worst of all, stealing our very identity for their sports teams."

Other tribes have proposed a "touchback provision," requiring the illegal squatters to return to the 17th Century, for four centuries, before applying to live here legally in the present.

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