Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fright Night II

Marc Cooper on the Repug can'tdidates panderpalooza:

If the DNC had enough good sense, they'd bankroll the Republican Presidential Debates as a weekly, roving, televised Chautauqua. I mean, what more could a Democratic campaign ever ask for than what was seen Tuesday night on CNN? Every major (and almost every minor) Republican contender elbowing each other aside to chide President Bush while simultaneously and unreservedly endorsing his most unpopular policies. An authentic twofer – for the other party, that is.

I think Leno said this but I'll steal it: they could have folks call in to vote the candidates off one at a time! It would save a lot of money not having to hold a primary election. Repugs don't like elections anyway. The last man standing would go up against the next President.

How long before Romney does his hair up like Sanjaya?

I'm not a Republican so I'm no position to judge which candidate came closest to appealing to the party base but none of them made any effort to speak to the some 70% of the American population that by now has had enough of the war.

And they're not going to. These clowns don't give a shit right now about the 70%. They're playing to the 28%. Period. This is PRIMARY politics. Whichever one of 'em can the most ignoramuses to vote for him in the Repuglican't primaries gets to be the nominee. His tune will change big time after that, believe me.

Doesn't matter. This is without a doubt the weakest bunch of dweebs I've ever seen trying to be the President, and I was the Duty NCO who threw the switch when the Good Lord said "Let there be light!"

This was great TV. My TiVo wants to know the next time this circus is scheduled to perform.

A 10-ringer with elephants in every one! Sometimes I wish I was a shovel salesman. I'd, er, clean up.

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