Friday, June 8, 2007

Microcosms ...

While I'll leave Paris Hilton blogging to Froggy, her situation is a microcosm of what's happening in this country today. The good news is, I think people are beginning to realize it ... finally.

The rich in this nation, aided and abetted by the Republicans have become an entity unto themselves. They are able to disregard laws, knowing they will not have to face the consequences. They've been given a pass on paying taxes, and those who run corporations make all the money while pushing their workers to be more productive, not by increasing their wages but by threatening unemployment.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to open the history books.

Leave us go back to pre-revolution Russia, to the days when the ruling class was almighty and their subjects were worked to death, their land and money taken without representation. Read Das Capital and learn the reasons for the workers' revolt. You'll find many of the same conditions prevailing here, now.

Leave us go back to pre-Revolution France. How many times have we been told 'let them eat cake' when we protest the growing disparity between the ultra-rich and the rest of us.

Leave us go back to pre-Revolution America. Boston Tea Party anyone? There's a reason we threw off the monarchy for the system we have now.

Personally, I'm tired of footing the bills for people like Paris and the CEOs of the oil companies. I'm tired of paying through the nose for gasoline when the big shots get half-billion dollar bonuses. I'm tired of my taxes going up when those with the most money are able to hide theirs from the tax man. I'm tired of our senior citizens having to choose between food and medication when the big shots at Big Pharma rake it in hand over fist.

Ladies and germs, when you see the stock market hitting record highs, it should tell you these corporations are doing an excellent job squeezing the most productivity from their workers for minimal compensation gains.

It's time for government to work for the people again, not corporate and special interest whose only contribution to the American Way of Life is the size of their campaign donations.

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