Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lost in translation

The BEAST has the real lowdown on McCain's walk in the Indiana Baghdad marketplace. Don't miss it! Liquid alert.

The group nears and enters an outdoor market, the vicinity of which has been thoroughly scanned for possible threats. Soldiers fan out throughout the area. Smiling, McCain approaches a rug seller.

McCain: Hiya partner, I'm John McCain from the United States of America. How's business?

Translator: (in Arabic) This guy is an American senator. Smile and shake his hand or you'll be killed.

Shopkeeper #1: (in Arabic) Wonderful. Can we make this quick? I'm trying to sell some rugs here, because your stupid war has made the money I had saved completely worthless, and I lost my job as an engineer. Generally. My life has gone to hell.

Translator: He says it's an honor to meet you, sir.

Much, much more!

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