Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Republican State Party Chairman Wishes More Terrorist Attacks on U.S. to Prove George W. Bush "Right"


Yes, Dennis Milligan, the head of the Arkansas GOP, said this just a few days ago, posted in a June 3 article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Now, this is a monstrously barbaric and treasonous statement. It is hard to even begin to wrap one's mind around how it wishes Americans more terrorist attacks to prove Bush is "right" in sending Americans to die and paying hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to war profiteers. To repeat, Milligan is wishing more Americans to die from terrorism on our home soil in order to prove that Bush is doing the "right thing" to prevent such attacks from occurring.

Okay, lift up your jaw.

Now, here's our point. Beyond how Milligan represents the traitorous extremes that Republicans will go to in making excuses for failed policies, have you heard one word of denunciation or alarm from the right wing media echo chamber about the traitor in their midst?

We haven't. Not a peep.

These people are enemies within our midst, whose minds and loyalties to an authoritarian hierarchy of incompetents is more important to them than loyalty to our safety and to our Constitution.

Think of what would have transpired if a Democratic State Party Chairman had said this. It would have been a national media and Republican talking point uproar for days.

But, most importantly, remember this point. This is for real. This is how Republicans think.

They wish us harm in order to prove that they are "right" in pursuing errant policies.

They have lost all sense of real concern for our safety – and are a threat to our well-being.

Some time back, one of the neoconmen said they needed a "new Pearl Harbor". Well, they got it on 9/11. Their little flying monkey blew it big time by invading a country, for reasons of his own (OIL, MONEY, POWER), that had nothing to do with it, like as if FDR had declared war on Mexico after 7 December '41.

Bush has NEVER been right, is NOT right about it now, and will NEVER be right about his pre-emptive criminal war and occupation of Iraq. It has absolutely minus 100% nothing to do with the fictional, made-up "war on terror" except as the acts have exacerbated feelings against us, thank you George.

And now this dumb-ass Arkie Repug wants more Americans to die in a last-ditch attempt to prove the unprovable. That motherfucker got me so pissed-off I can't see straight, and yet I hear crickets from the media about it.

Then I calmed down and the light came on in my head. The Repuglican 1000-year Reich is over. It is in its Last Throes. They are on a greasy downslope and are desperate to salvage what they criminally engineered and then bungled. Ain't gonna happen...

Unless they attack and kill thousands of Americans themselves. See "Werwolf" and this. Substitute the words 'Constitution', 'rule of law', 'the will of the people', and 'everybody but Repuglicanmongers' for 'Allies'.

Keep your rifles clean.

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