Thursday, September 8, 2011

Live-blogging the Dead End Quarter Batcrap Crazy Lie-and-Pander-Fest Debate

A few more minutes of insanity is a drop in the bucket and won't hurt you unless this shit comes true. The more exposure these whackos get, the better.

Think Progress

10:20: Get the federal government out of health care. End the minimum wage. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. Obama is a liar. Watch a ThinkProgress video compilation of the craziest moments from tonight’s debate:

Much more. Worth a read.


Fixer said...

God, my head went numb halfway through. Thankfully, I managed to avoid seeing it live.

Gordon said...

I only made it through 5 minutes. News coverage of a wildland fire a hundred miles from here made a lot more sense as far as being relevant to reality. The MSNBC aftershow was pretty good.