Friday, September 9, 2011

Wah-wah-wah ...

A circus? Personally, calling Congress a circus is an understatement. It's a fucking asylum:


Bachmann gave an unsanctioned rebuttal to President Obama’s job speech in a Capitol Hill TV studio Thursday night in which she dismissed the address as so much warmed-over Obama rhetoric with little or no chance of success. She called it “just a retread of everything he’s put forward before that’s failed.”

But what really grinds her gears was what she called his blatant "insulting of Members of Congress" that came "almost right out of the gate" in his speech.


Were I King of the World, I'd have the lot of them dragged out and put up against the wall (I wouldn't even bother with the blindfold and cigarette). Start fresh and advise the new bunch that they could easily end up the same way. Now that's an incentive.

I'm so sick of these assholes.


Our buddy 'Nucks (in toto):

Political Circus

That is what our president actually called what the fuck has been going on with our elected representatives.

My question is, who the fuck is the Ring Leader?

Good question.

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