Friday, September 9, 2011

Perry: The New Chimp?


[...] Rick Perry is the spitting image of George W. Bush, but with all remaining nuance stripped out. He is the Bush id, with any pretenses at compassion or sincerity stripped away, leaving just the dumb, mean-spirited parts.

I suspect that will have more appeal to conservative die-hards than pundits are currently willing to admit. There is a hunger for mean, among the conservative base, and a hunger for punishing the nebulous other, whether that means the unemployed, the poor, the sick, the old, union workers, public sector workers, immigrants, disaster victims, Muslims, or anyone else. Rick Perry may suit them in a way that a Bachmann, Santorum, or Cain could not. He is just as fringe as any of those tea party favorites, but he has something each of them lacks: He looks like a Republican president. Specifically, he looks like their most recent Republican president.

The Republican base isn't looking for a new Reagan: Reagan was too moderate. They're looking for a new George W. Bush.

Only not so intellectual this time.


Fixer said...

I never thought I'd hear the words "intellectual" and "nuance" applied to G.W. Bush, but that shows you how far the Rethugs have fallen.

David Aquarius said...

If Perry holds off the other crazies and makes it past the convention, the Dems had better call out an all out war on this fucker.

It's obvious he has the deadenders but if the message doesn't get out about his bullshit, he'll snag the moderates too. It could be 2000 all over again.

Obama has to pull his fucking head out and not try for a tie-breaker. The future of the country is at stake and now is not the time for nuance. Come out hard, come out smart, but mostly get the fuck out of DC!

My cynicism is running overtime. I don't like the way this is shaping up.

Fuck the GOP! I'm tired of playing footsie with those bastards. It's long past time to hit 'em hard, hit 'em fast and leave no doubt who did it.

At this point, the progressive movement has to put down the daisy and pick up the club (metaphor alert!) We have to beat the Repugs down to the last goon and leave nothing but a bad smell and an oil stain!

Anonymous said...


Yep, That's our Gov...

Gordon said...

What David said.