Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Occupy Wheelie the Big Apple!"

Here's a coupla different styles of "Occupy New York City" that I'm totally down wid! I even kinda like the music.

Ride hard, young gentlemen. You may not get to ride too long for one reason or another. Handcuffs or headstones. Heh.

That said, it does my heart good to see that motorcyclists have evolved since I was a young man. These guys are ten times as crazy as we were.

Thanks to SLDNX.

That one was to ease ya inta this next sorta semi-pre-post-apocalyptic version.

Thanks to Ozzy75x666.


Old school "extreme" stunts. The Indian Army, who ride my brand. From HuffPo. Slide show also, most of which could be titled, "Gee, Sarge, when we gonna get a truck?"


Fixer said...

Gotta be careful you don't end up as a hood ornament on the M36 bus. Heh ...

Gordon said...

As long as yer buds get ta see ya goin' back the other way, "Hey, look at the bitchin' spreadeagle faceplant ol' Snake's doin' with the bus!" Heh.

Anonymous said...

wow, grist fer the organ donor recipients
[utterly maniacal &irresponsible, says me, who married a cop to save my license...]