Sunday, January 8, 2012


He should be run out on a rail, never to be heard from again:

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC, according to a statement from that network’s President Phil Griffin. An Associated Press article blames reaction to Buchanan’s latest book Suicide of a Superpower for his ouster from the cable network, as well as a campaign by the advocacy group, Color of Change.


If you lay down with a racist dog like this, you most certainly wake up with fleas.

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Gordon said...

This wasn't a white country when the white men got here, but all those fine Christians made it one. If they'da wanted to keep it white they wouldn'ta "invited" all those "others" here in 1619 in the first place.

The world has changed. A lot of us have no problem with the changes, but a lot of dinosaurs like Buchanan do. Better to enjoy it 'cuz we ain't going back no matter what they want.