Friday, January 13, 2012

Religious Right Leaders Meet in Texas to Unite

Talk To Action. A serious article but fuckin' hilarious nonetheless.

Can right-wing evangelical leaders unite in a last-ditch effort to nominate anybody but Romney? Which candidate would it be?

The problem is agreeing on a candidate. Richard Land, headlined in the TIME article, is strongly opposed to Gingrich because he has too much baggage, or "too much freight," as Land stated. Wildmon has endorsed Gingrich. Gary Bauer has endorsed Santorum. This is just an example of the fracturing that has taken place since Perry's catastrophic failure on the national stage.

I hope they prayer-whip each other to death.

I'm guessing Mormons aren't invited, but I think they oughta let some Catholics in there. There's plenty of wingnut mackerel snappers, like Opus Dei or Bill "Please tell the truth about my Mother the Church so I can go on TV and tell you how anti-Catholic you are and make some money" Donohue. Shit, these guys think the Pope's a commie. They'd fit right in, and the rattlin' o' the beads would be awesome musical accompaniment to the speaking in tongues and throwin' rattlesnakes around and all-around good-time holy rollin'.

Regardless, the inability of the right wing of the GOP to coalesce behind an alternate to Romney is the challenge. If they could unite, they might change the course of the GOP primaries. But, as one mainstream press outlet stated, it would take an "act of God."

Heh. Ain't gonna happen. God's layin' chilly because these assholes embarrass even Him and besides, He's been overruled by Wall St. on the choice of nominee.

So go have a swell time, christowhackos. Get some pizza and hookers (any kind) like you do anytime the ol' lady ain't around. Make up any shit you want about what God's telling you like you always do. It won't make any difference except maybe in the collection plate, but that's what it's all about anyway, right? The tiny-brained'll fuckin' love it and you can say you tried to stop Willard.

"And the faithful shall defecate in terror..." - Gordon 1:13

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