Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ya just never know...

This is from my Facebook page, lucky you!

I just have to share this. Diane and I were out on a normal shopping expedition yesterday. It didn't stay normal for very long.

We were leaving Mountain Hardware and as we got to our truck, three folks approached us, two men and a woman. Young, clean cut folks. The gal told me that they were on a scavenger hunt as part of a friend's 30th birthday party and one of the things on their list was to get a photo of one of their number kissing a dog and could they kiss one of our dogs? Fine with me and all I could think of was "Do ya wanta kiss the one that eats poop or the other one?". They just shrugged, like mox nix, the photo's the thing.

Two of them selected the third as a volunteer. In the space between two diagonally parked cars, the doors came open, the gent squeezed in, Tami was first on scene, and "smooch the pooch" was done, photo was taken, and they were on their way.

Safeway was the next stop. As we were about to cross the traffic lane to go into the store, four women passed me with sheets of paper in their hands. Since fools rush in where angels fear to tread, I asked them if they were on the scavenger hunt too.

They asked how I knew about that and I told them. Turns out they were on the same team as the previous folks at the hardware store. One of them said they needed to get a photo of one of them giving a piggyback ride to a total stranger/senior citizen/unwary fool (the details were a little unclear) and would Diane mind? Ever the sport, Diane agreed. Uh-oh...

The gal who was gonna be the ride-giver was about twice as tall as Diane. Diane warned her that she was a little, er, sturdier than she looked. The gal said, "That's OK, just hop on up there!"

Remember, these gals were less than half our age. "Just hop on up there!" is not on the to-do list of most 66-year-olds. They started on flat ground. I saw this one coming but it was too late. Diane gave "hop on up there" her best shot and the end result was both of them on their asses on the asphalt. No damage done, thank goodness. Then they started with Diane up on the curb. Success! It wasn't really a "ride", just the youngster bent over double with Diane on her back, but the deed was done.

One of the gals called her husband on the phone and said they'd got one of the goals from the same folks whose dog he had kissed. They were pretty elated and went on their way.

We got a big kick outta all these shenanigans and it kinda made our day. You never know what's going to happen when you go to town. Usually nothing, but this time showed that unforeseen events can have a great sense of humor!


PasserBy said...

"Mox nix" -- I like that, I'm gonna start using it!

galileo126 said...

Funny story - reality is always stranger than fiction!