Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gypsies in the Palace*

*My favorite theme when the F-Man goes a-cruisin'.

El Rude-o's on vay-cay. His first guest replacement is a wordy SOB. Here's just the footnotes from his 1st post:

* If Rude had the balls to allow comments.

** I was supposed to write about making it as a lawyer turned comic, but, again, fuck that guy. And by that guy, I sorta mean me (one Native American teardrop).

*** These will be my last words just before Lee stabs me.

**** Please die soon.

***** You know what industry really gets the real potential of the American worker? Finance. Why do you think they're making all the money? They understand what Americans do best is innovate, and they milk that. The brain drain isn't overseas, it's into finance: Our greatest minds don't cure cancer or end hunger or create hydroelectricsolarwindbeeffart energy technologies…. but ways to make money by moving money around, skimming 2% off the top.

****** As for Rick Perry creating jobs which are a) minimum wage or less, b) energy industry based, and c) at the expense of education, investment, and health insurance, I'll just say this: I miss Molly Ivins. (Also: Fuck that guy).

******* Whoops. "Bitter" does-not-equal "rude."


Fixer said...

... they won't even need to build moats around their gated communities, we'll be too exhausted, diabetic and scared by the physics of battering rams to storm the ramparts.

That's what they're praying for.

Fixer said...

... when the F-Man goes a-cruisin'.

I been meaning to ask about some missing silverware. Heh ...