Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Late, Great Molly Ivins on Rick Perry

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry embarks on his Obama-bashing, evangelical-courting, tea party-outdoing campaign for the presidency, we miss Molly Ivins more than ever.

No shit. We need her now more than ever. MoJo. With videos.

Ivins also had a special place in her heart for delivering blistering, bold critiques of Perry's track record as a governor, a poor thinker, and an even worse obfuscator. She was, after all, the writer who bestowed upon Perry the nicknames "The Coiffure" and "Governor Goodhair."

Here are a few highlights of Ivins tearing apart Perry's stances on the death penalty, creationism, and taking dirty money from Enron.



Fixer said...

A fantastic "Molly's Greatest Hits" album.

Mad Kane said...

Damn do I miss Molly! She nailed everyone!