Saturday, August 20, 2011

Will Antonin Scalia Anoint Another Dim Bulb Cowboy Governor From Texas?

By Tony Peyser

Their last Oval Office resident
Was such a fool and a clod in
Most ways that his profile since
Has been lower than bin-Laden.

Dubya ruined America for two terms.
To many people, what really perplexes
Is his party's new idea now is another
Dim bulb cowboy governor from Texas.

Shit, Perry's the perfect Repug candidate - a true bridge between the batcrap crazy teavangelical wing who want to turn the country into a throwback theocracy and the money wing who will throw them scraps and let them think that way for votes but will never allow it.


Fixer said...

What I'm hoping for is a big fight between his and Bachmann supporters; hopefully big and dirty enough to implode both campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Both you guys should think about this - sans herbs. If you think that the money faction of the repugs can keep either the leading male or leading female candidate of the batshit crazy party from becoming their nominee, I suggest that you re-think.
There is ample evidence that this has gone past a slim possibility. Fixer, you may want to ramp up the search for a non-U.S. homestead. Gordon should be fairly safe for a few years, geographically.

Gordon said...

That's good. It'll take me a few years to saw the U.S. off at the CA state line and give it a shove off. Don't have to yet.