Friday, August 19, 2011

Perry’s War With the Bushies

This is a sideshow and it's FREE!

Karl Rove and his operatives appear to have launched a campaign to derail Rick Perry’s 2012 bid, beginning with criticisms that he is 'unpresidential.' Matt Latimer on a decade-old feud over power and money.

His brazen and transparent attacks on a leader of his own party, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, may be the greatest test yet of Rove’s remarkable resilience. Some, in fact, are starting to question if we have at last reached “the moment.” Years from now, will we look back at the 2012 primary season as the time when Rove put on his Fonzie jacket, flashed a thumbs-up sign, and then—finally—jumped the shark?

Yes, at long last, the 2012 race is actually starting to get interesting.

In a really creepy yet schadenfreude-filled way.

Now he and his henchmen are undertaking their most serious gamble. Rick Perry managed to shine in Texas without Rove's permission, and now threatens to become the current Republican frontrunner without Rove’s blessing. This, Rove has decreed, must be stopped, even if his party is destroyed in the process.

Get some, Turdblossom! Oh please...

The Bushes are usually more cautious than this, which means they must feel they have no other choice. A Perry victory would end whatever chokehold the Bushes still have on the GOP establishment (my em). It would cut off many donors to Rove, Inc. Worse yet, Karl Rove and his compatriots simply cannot fathom the idea of having to sit on Fox News for four years defending the policies of the man who dared to cross them.

The crux of the biscuit. Turdblossom & Co. are trying to protect the asset-stripping cultist who is all they've got in the Repug establishment wing from the apostolic reformer/stoopid-talkin' shitkicker who did well in Texass without their permission and now threatens their power/livelihood.

I'm purely enjoying the crap outta all this. I would love to see an Old West reenactment with the Bushes and Perrys instead of the Earps and the Clantons. Heh.


Fixer said...

Obama better send Rove a thank you card.

I'm purely enjoying the crap outta all this.

You and me both, pardner.

I would love to see an Old West reenactment with the Bushes and Perrys instead of the Earps and the Clantons.

In Speedos.

You're welcome. Heh ...

Gordon said...

For once I'm enjoying the 'speedo' visual! Good thing I am too. I'm outta bleach.

mandt said...

Rove is Bush's brain, Homer Simpson is Perry's

Gordon said...

I haven't watched The Simpsons since they were on the Tracy Ullman show. I'll go with Bender from Futurama as Perry's brain.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that sweet little "Jebbie" Bush has dropped off of the MSM's radar for a while.

If Rove's involved, it has something to do with the Bushes. Jeb is all they have left.

Bustednuckles said...

A burlap bag full of soap bars and five minutes.
That's all I want.

I haven't forgotten that fucking prick.

mandt said...

I still wanna know if Perry's doormat matches the drapes!