Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Penthouse to the pavement ...

In one easy step.

Regardless of how poorly used they've been in the past decade, our troops are still the best trained and skilled armed forces in the world. Looks like that won't be the case much longer. Our pal Comrade Misfit explains:

No more "do your 20 and retire". The Feds will pay into a 401(K) and then when a service member leaves, they have to wait until they are 62 to collect.

Which means that after getting shot at for X number of years and then leaving, good luck to you. Maybe your 401(K) won't be wiped out in the markets.


You're gonna lose a lot of senior enlisted because of this (it'd probably be a good thing to lose a good portion of the senior ass kissing officer corps) and we all know what happens when you lose your good SGTs. There is no one to teach the young'uns the right way to do things and baby-sit the officers. Gonna end up with a buncha rock-throwers in 10 years.



Gordon said...

No longer a career, just another fuckin' job. With a chance of getting killed.

mahe said...

Fuck em! The gov's been hosing vets since the beginning of time and now that there is no accountability, their chances have settled at "Slim to None..... Glad that I retired out in 74 and as far as "If I had it to do over again. would I?" My answer is int the first two wurds above!