Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey, Barry ...

Why don't you just stay out of this one? We have big problems here at home and you're going out and getting another one in the Middle East. What, Hillary's bored with Libya already?

Official: Obama calls on Assad to leave power, first explicit demand that Syrian leader resign.

How about you STFU about other peoples' civil wars until you start putting some Americans back to work? Believe me, nobody thinks you're a tough guy anymore and your two cents will most likely be ignored.


DBK said...

Maybe the goal is to put everyone to work by having a world war, like WWII. Employment ran pretty high during that one. I wouldn't mind a bit of population reduction on a global scale. Fewer humans would be good for the environment. Problem is, WWII was a massive polluter of the oceans and air.

Could we have a green war? Now that I mentioned it, I'm wondering.

Anonymous said...

We cannot afford public education, maintenance of infrastructure, a national postal service, medical insurance, or retired pay for the military, in fact, there is nothing that we can do domestically but when we discuss our broke assed situation and what might be done about it we NEVER mention shutting down our multiple wars of choice. The really tragic part is that so few of us notice that contradiction.

Jay in N.C.

Anonymous said...

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