Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rove Slaps Rick Perry: Distancing Yourself From Bush ‘Is Not Smart Politics'

Think Progress

Attempting to subtly distance himself from the unpopular Bush, Perry said yesterday, “Our records are quite different. … I went to Texas A&M. He went to Yale.” Even this very mild distancing of Bush was too much for former Bush “architect” Karl Rove.

On Fox News this morning, Rove complained that Perry is trying to contrast himself with Bush “in a way that’s dismissive of the former president,” adding “now, why one would do that, I don’t know.” (Bush left office with an approval rating of 22 percent.)

Rove then argued that Perry and Bush are actually quite close:

[In 1998, Bush] moved heaven and earth to get Rick Perry elected as his running mate. … I know from the perspective of the former president that he has a cordial, personal strong friendship of nearly two decades with the governor. I think that’s true of the governor too. But why he falls into this pattern of sounding like he’s being dismissive of the former president is not smart politics strategically or tactically.

Host Martha MacCallum observed, “It sounds like you feel like he’s been ungrateful to the Bushes.” Watch it:

Watch it if you must.

It's a well-known fact that the Bushtards don't like Perry. Comparing him closely to Bush is all they got to try to keep him from being nominated.

The turkey slapfest between the money wing and the batcrap crazy wing is entertaining as all getout. Perry combines them both into one and pisses off and/or scares both sides.


Turdblossom's piling on Goodhair for other stuff too. Seems to me that the Repug establishment piggies are scared to death of him.


montag said...

Goodhair shouldn't knock W's edumacation when his school was in a town named College Station so the students would know when to get off the train.

Gordon said...

Bush was a legacy Yale man. Perry made it into the aggie school because he had shit on his boots. It's awe-inspiring to know that a real Texassican is dumber than a phony one...

Fixer said...

It's so much fun watching the establishment Rethugs trying to stuff the "Crazy Genie" back into the bottle.

Gordon said...

Ain't it just?!