Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm not one ...

For TV. I don't watch regular shows, sitcoms, series, dramas. Standard TV programming does nothing for me. I usually have the BBC, MSNBC, or the local Long Island news station on for background noise when I'm doing something. My "must see TV" is football (soccer). The Mrs. schedules our social life, generally, around my football watching on the weekends from August to May (and she puts up with it during the week when the UEFA Champions League, or Carling Cup, or FA Cup matches are on). She's a good, understanding woman but I digress.

The Mrs. likes Dancing With The Stars. I'd watch it with her when it first began because it still resembled ballroom dancing. I'll watch professional ballroom dancing with her and I enjoy it very much. DWTS, after 10 years, has now become the professional wrestling of ballroom dancing. Too much flash, too little substance. I don't watch it anymore with the Mrs. I did however, watch the first half hour with her last night (waiting for the New York Football Giants game to come on Monday Night Football) and I saw what we missed from the clips on the early morning insomniac news and I just wanted to say this:

Chaz Bono impressed me.

Not for his dancing skills, but for his poise and dignity and good humor. For getting out there and shaking his moneymaker in light of the deep divisions in this country because some of us wouldn't even consider him a human being, with rights and feelings. The LGBT cause has been furthered immeasurably by his courage. Good on him. His mother must be kvelling. Good on Cher too, for giving him the support he needed when making such difficult decisions.

I attribute no altruistic "social change" motives to Dancing With The Stars itself. They just had him on to put eyes on the screen (ratings = money).


Gordon said...

Chaz is my hero. I'd like to shake his hand and tell him he's got a pair for putting his story out.

We're all atwitter over a new season of NCIS tonight!

Bustednuckles said...

I'm so old I can remember when he was born and watching Sonny and Cher bring their little girl out at the end of the show.

Good on him for taking charge of his life and being able to make it work.