Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quote of the Day

Ted Frier:


And for the record, "class warfare" is when the masses, motivated by envy and greed, burn down the mansions of the rich, cut off their heads and stick the severed remains on the ends of bloody pikes.


Just so you understand how it works.


David Aquarius said...

Why, that sounds like a party!

Now, if this were the motivation behind the Occupy Wall Street protest, it would be getting a lot more press.

Kinda like to see JP Morgan-Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon's head on a pike. Nothing fancy, just to see if it matches the drapes in the living room. Purely from a decorating point of view, mind you.

It's not like I'd keep it or anything. I'd give it back to him when I was done. Promise.

Anonymous said...

Change ". . . envy and greed . . ." to ". . .desperation and anger . . ." to be closer to fact.

Fixer said...

jeg - Agreed.

CAFKIA said...

I would also point out that Soros, Buffett, Gates and plenty other of less heeled humans would be happily spared while plenty of too-stupid-to-know-how-poor-they-are ass kissing toadies might not make the pike but their heads would fit nicely on yer average white picket fence.

Gordon said...

What you guys said!

montag said...

From that other French Revolutionary song, Ca Ira.

Ah! Ca Ira! Ca Ira! Ca Ira!
The aristocrats to the lamp post
Ah! Ca Ira! Ca Ira! Ca Ira!
The aristocrats, we will hang them!