Friday, September 23, 2011

Supportin' the troops ...

I think Mr. Aravosis says it succinctly:

If a Democratic debate audience had done this, it would be the only thing we heard about for the next 14 months. They just booed a US soldier serving in combat. Think about that. This is what the Republican party has become. A bunch of far-right bigots and extremists. The Tea Party and the evangelical nuts run the entire thing now.


Yeah, great buncha "patriots" you got there.

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BadTux said...

I saw the soldier's picture. That's one huge buff dude, yo. Made Fixer look like Karen Carpenter. Somehow I doubt the two or three audience members who booed would have done it to his face. Or if they'd done it, they wouldn't have ever done anything else for the next 18 weeks as their bones healed in traction, anyhow.

- Badtux the Not-that-buff Penguin