Monday, September 19, 2011

Foo Fighters - Keepin it Clean in KC

I've got no idea who the Foo Fighters are, never heard 'em before, but now I like 'em! BTW, if this is "alt rock" I'm a monkey's uncle. This here's country. son!

Via Raw Replay:

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Searching for a way to counter the Westboro Baptist Church’s weird protests? If you can find the Foo Fighters, you have the solution to that problem.

On Friday evening in Kansas City, Missouri, the renowned rock band staged an impromptu mini-concert against the church, who lined up to protest the band’s upcoming concert. Performing on a truck that drowned out the church member’s noises, lead singer David Grohl offered the crowd an all-loving, all-included monologue.


Fixer said...

... if this is "alt rock" I'm a monkey's uncle.

Amazing how musical genres overlap over the years; ain't it? I like these guys too, have for a while.

Gordon said...

Home from work already? Those ham sandwiches must not have put up much of a defense today! ;-)

Fixer said...

Had a couple open-and-shut DWI cases (Monday morning) and that was it.

Funny to see the cop telling the guy three times to unbuckle his seat belt before trying to get out of the car (cop shoulda let him stay in the car because the seat belt was the only thing holding him upright). This is the car that was facing the wrong way, on the sidewalk, after crossing through 2 lanes of oncoming traffic and jumping a 6 inch curb. It was like that when the cop got there. And that set the tone.

We were outta there in 2 hours.

BadTux said...

Foo Fighters are remnants of the old alternative band Nirvana, most importantly Nirvana's former drummer, Dave Grohl. They get the "alternative rock" appellation more as a tribute to their origins and the holy memory of Saint Kurt Cobain of the Shotgun than because of the content of their music, which is pretty much standard pop-rock.

And yeah, Dave's a straight-up guy. Most drummers are. They ain't sophisticated 'nuff for none o' that there fancy intellECshual stuff, we're talkin' bout folks who beat on shit for a living after all, so they're pretty much straightforward and to the point balls out. Doesn't surprise me at all that Dave would get pissed and decide to do something about the Westboro assholes, just surprised his handlers didn't have to bail him out of jail afterwards :).

- Badtux the Music Penguin

Oldfool said...

First off when they all walked out of the same stall in the toilet I laughed out loud for the first time today. I needed that.
Second thing I noticed was when those fresh scrubbed white(pink) boys (you can bet they had on clean underwear possibly starched) yelled the word faggot or fag they looked around to see if they were getting approval from the big dogs, whoever they might be. That gave me a chuckle.
Third: The bummer was all those otherwise normal looking ordinary people standing around holding signs dripping with hate and poison. Those god fearing church folk really have some anger issues.

I like the Foo Fighters music and any other entertainment they might provide.