Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Study: Pot Smokers Less Obese Than Non-Users
Willie Nelson named new spokesperson for Jenny Craig.

NGO Report: Twenty-One Countries Ranked Less Corrupt Than U.S.
Insiders say bribes went to wrong people, blackmail attempts backfired.

In Study, Researchers Find Eating Chocolate as Good as Exercise
Sitting on couch all day eating bonbons equivalent to running six miles.

Someone, somewhere, is going to believe that.

Massive Solar Storm Would Kill Satellites For a Decade
Fortunately there are millions of public phone booths, and there's always Western Union.

That'll put the 'wires' back in 'wired'!


Fixer said...

Someone, somewhere, is going to believe that.

I'm trying to talk myself into believing it as we speak. Heh ...

Gordon said...

If you balance it against the "pot...obese" quote you should come out OK. Heh.

Fixer said...

I'd achieve a nice equilibrium. ;)

casey said...

Hello Gordon,

I find it almost impossible that the US is only 22nd in the world. I feel that we are the world leader in getting our way through lying, intimidating, outright bribery and we are willing to do anything and I mean anything to get what we want. Come on US we need to be numero uno. We have to do better in the next corruption listing as the most corrupt. We have the players we need so you guys and girls do you thing. Don't let us down.